Geo Roundtable: Flag Theory & Bitcoin 2024

Investment and relocation opportunities
Internationalization, tax, residency and citizenship

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  • Investment opportunities and global strategies.
  • Relocation, tax optimization, residency and citizenship.
  • Mastermind & intelligence transfer.
  • Networking for Bitcoiners, builders and executives.

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Bitcoin, MicroStrategy, U.S. elections, Ukraine — 2024 won’t be boring. With our latest mastermind we connect deep thinkers and leaders to exchange facts, data, perspectives and thesises on global issues. The theme of this issue will be flag theory opportunities for Bitcoiners.

  • Network with international experts and executives
  • Get deep insights on important questions
  • Improve your thinking and decision making

This April’s episode will be dedicated to the multiple options for internationalization, residency and citizenship presented by four experts in the field:

  • Katie Anania (PlanB Passport)
  • Aleksa Burmasovic (Offshore banking expert)
  • Francisco Litvay (Settee)
  • Johann Thusbass (Red Cliff)

We kick of with 4 presentations of 4 minutes each, providing high-level overview over different solutions.

Moving on, we’ll have space to discuss openly while keeping a focus on a meaningful exchange and knowledge transfer.



Katie Ananina – “Don’t stay single for too long”
Ananina, also known as “Katie the Russian” is what some would call “hardcore freedom maximialist selling passports”. Really and truly though, Katie cares a lot about individual liberty and advises “Don’t stay single for too long”; a second passport is not a sin, but a must-have when sh*t hits the fan. With her deep experience in multiple passport programs around the world, she will share the best options in 2024. In case you wondered, yes the beaches are white in St Kits.

Aleksa Burmasovic – “Inside Serbia II”
Burmasovic is a Serbian entrepreneur with deep expertise in geoeconomics, offshore banking and special economic zones. His focus will be Serbias unique geoeconomic role and opportunities for internationalization. As an analyst of ZEDE’s around the globe and having worked with multiple investment firms, his presentations are always crammed full with top-notch intelligence. Don’t miss this!

Francisco Litvay – “Brazil & Beyond”
Francisco Litvay is the co-founder of Settee, an internationalization company for the Lusophone market. As a contributor to Adrianople Group’s Open Zone Map and Startup Cities Map, he’s an expert on Special Zones and Charter Cities. In his professional practice he helps clients on a daily basis to develop creative solutions for internationalization, residency and citizenship.

Johann Thusbass – “Guanaja Effect”
Thusbass is a swiss entrepreneur and ICT manager with over three decades of research in private production of defense. He is also founder of the caribbean comunidad Guanaja Hills and its parrot beach eco resort. Sharing from his in-depth analysis promises valuable strategic insights about opportunities and benefits in the bay islands of Honduras as well as a comparison with the El Salvadorian migration programs.


The “Geo Roundtable” program is a rapid knowledge acquisition online seminar designed to allow a time-efficient information transfer for deep insights for your team and organization.

Attendance is limited and mainly targeted at executives and professionals to ensure a quality networking. The objective is to connect leaders and entrepreneurs with geopolitical experts, insiders and technologists and learn insights that can only be gained through a direct exchange.


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