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Case Study: Developing a Personal Brand and Website for Leon A. Wankum

In the digital era, personal branding has become a fundamental aspect for authors and entrepreneurs to establish their presence and authority in their respective fields.

When bitcoin author and entrepreneur Leon A. Wankum approached Rankplan, he was looking to create the very foundation for his personal brand; his personal website.

Up until now, a personal brand or website was not needed as he just started to become more active as a public speaker and author.

Recognizing the need to carve out a distinct space in the global Bitcoin community, Wankum sought to create a public page that would not only leave a lasting first impression but also serve as a resource for bitcoin education.

This case study explores how Rankplan addressed these needs by developing a distinctive brand identity and a high-performing website for Leon A. Wankum.


Leon Wankum is a respected figure in the bitcoin community but lacked a unified platform to consolidate his insights, scientific publications, and resources. The challenge was two-fold: first, to develop a brand identity that resonated with the values and expertise of Wankum, encapsulating his unique approach to bitcoin, real estate and investing; and second, to create a website that was not only informative and resource-rich but also user-friendly and optimized for various devices.



The process began with establishing a brand identity that would instantly connect with both existing followers and potential new enthusiasts within the bitcoin community.

Leon Wankum Website

Rankplan chose to design a logo that was simple and timeless but conveyed status and class. The logo features the initials “L.A.W.” using a serif font, which conveys a sense of authority and tradition, attributes that resonate well with audiences looking for expertise in financial matters.

The color scheme and additional design elements were chosen to complement the clean and authoritative feel of the logo, aiming to make the brand easily recognizable and memorable.

The branding was intended not just for the website, but also for use across various media platforms and promotional materials to maintain consistency and professionalism in all of Wankum’s public appearances and publications.

Website Development

With the brand identity in place, Rankplan proceeded to develop a website that would serve as the cornerstone of Leon Wankum’s digital presence. The primary goal was to create a platform that was simple yet rich in content, capable of educating visitors while simultaneously promoting Wankum’s work and expertise in bitcoin.

The website was designed to be highly performant and fast, recognizing the importance of quick load times in retaining visitor interest and improving search engine rankings. It was fully responsive and mobile-optimized, ensuring an excellent user experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktops alike.

With clear call-to-action leading to the newsletter registration the website is ready to convert an inflow of users into subscribers whenever Wankum has public exposure on podcasts or events.

Special attention was given to the content structure of the website. It included educational resources on bitcoin, embedded podcast players, a blog to share latest thoughts and analyses, and integrated social media feeds to keep the content dynamic and engaging. The user interface was designed to be intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate through a wealth of information.

SEO and Launch

Understanding the importance of visibility in building a personal brand, Rankplan implemented a robust SEO strategy from the outset. This included optimizing content with relevant keywords, ensuring site architecture supported SEO best practices, and setting up meta tags and descriptions that enhanced search engine visibility.

Upon launching the website, Rankplan continued to monitor its performance closely, making adjustments to optimize speed, responsiveness, and SEO rankings based on real-time data and feedback.


The outcome of Rankplan’s efforts was extremely positive. Mr Wankum was highly satisfied with both the branding and the website. The new platform effectively solidified his reputation as a thought leader in the bitcoin space, providing a centralized hub for his writing, scientific papers, insights, and educational resources.

Since its launch, the website has seen a consistent increase in traffic, with growing recognition within the cryptocurrency community and beyond. The site’s performance metrics have been impressive, with low bounce rates and high engagement levels, indicating that visitors not only find the website through searches but remain engaged with the content.


The development of a personal brand and website for Leon Wankum by Rankplan is a testament to the power of effective digital marketing and brand development.

By aligning the brand identity closely with Wankum’s expertise and audience expectations, and by delivering a high-performing, content-rich website, Rankplan has not only met the initial goals set by Wankum but has also laid a strong foundation for his future growth and influence in the field of bitcoin.

This case study highlights the importance of strategic branding and web development in establishing and expanding one’s professional digital footprint.

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