Hodder Law logo by Mersad Comaga

Case Study: Hodder Law鈥檚 Brand and Website Transformation by Rankplan

When Hodder Law approached Rankplan, their digital presence was fragmented and ineffective. Built on a platform that didn’t cater to their needs and with a brand image that lacked consistency and impact, Hodder Law was in dire need of a transformation.

Recognizing the challenges and the potential for a complete overhaul, Rankplan was tasked with not only developing a new website for Hodder Law but also redesigning their brand identity to establish a more professional and resonant image.

Hodder Law Website Before Rankplan re-design

The old Hodder Law website had a confusing look, contradicting UI and no clear CTA.

Hodder Law Website designed by Rankplan

The new Hodder Law website designed and developed by Rankplan looks, professional, sharp and trustworthy. It’s easy to navigate with clear CTAs.


Hodder Law’s previous website was developed using Wix, a platform that, while user-friendly, often limits the customization necessary for creating a highly performant and tailored business website. The site was poorly organized, slow, and failed to engage and impress its audience effectively. Furthermore, the brand’s visual identity was inconsistent, featuring no cohesive elements that could make the Hodder Law brand recognizable and memorable in the competitive legal market.


Brand Redesign

Rankplan initiated the transformation by tackling the Hodder Law brand. The aim was to create a brand identity that not only resonated with the values and ethos of Hodder Law but also stood out in the digital landscape. The centerpiece of this new brand identity is a meticulously designed logo featuring Lady Liberty, subtly incorporating a reference to Bitcoin to signify modernity and forward-thinking, qualities essential to Hodder Law鈥檚 client base.

Hodder Law logo by Mersad Comaga

The logo was crafted by Rankplan’s talented designer, Mersad Comaga, known for his ability to blend classic elements with contemporary trends. The chosen color palette of dark ultramarine blue and white establishes a sense of professionalism and authority, while the use of Futura as the brand typography provides a sharp, timeless basis to the brand’s overall aesthetic.

Website Development

With the new brand identity established, Rankplan鈥檚 next step was to overhaul the Hodder Law website. The new site was built from the ground up to be highly performant and fast, addressing the sluggishness of the old Wix site. The development team ensured that the new website was responsive, providing an optimal browsing experience on various devices, a crucial factor in today鈥檚 mobile-first world.

To enhance the site’s functionality, Rankplan added numerous new features, including an improved navigation system, integrated social media feeds, and a streamlined content management system that allows Hodder Law鈥檚 staff to update content effortlessly. The payment functionality was also transferred and enhanced, providing a seamless online transaction experience for clients purchasing legal documents and services.

SEO Optimization

Recognizing the importance of visibility in the digital space, Rankplan undertook comprehensive SEO optimization for the new website. This effort was aimed at improving Hodder Law’s search engine rankings, thus driving more organic traffic to the site. The SEO strategy included keyword optimization, high-quality content creation, and technical SEO adjustments to ensure the website met all the latest search engine guidelines.


The rebranding and website redevelopment have had a profound impact on Hodder Law’s business. The new brand identity has been well received by both new and existing clients, projecting a more professional and authoritative image. The website now boasts significantly faster load times, a decrease in bounce rates, and an increase in user engagement.

Since the launch of the new website, Hodder Law has seen a substantial increase in traffic. The SEO efforts have placed them higher in search engine results for their targeted keywords, resulting in increased visibility and more client inquiries. The enhanced e-commerce features have also led to an uptick in online transactions, reflecting a better conversion rate.


The transformation of Hodder Law鈥檚 website and brand identity by Rankplan demonstrates the power of strategic digital marketing and design.

By creating a cohesive and resonant brand image and developing a fast, responsive website, Rankplan has not only addressed the immediate needs of Hodder Law but has also laid a foundation for their future growth.

This case study underscores the importance of aligning brand identity with business objectives and the benefits of embracing comprehensive digital strategies to achieve sustained business success.

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